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Oriha Nashida is not only a popular fourteen year-old pop idol in Japan. She's a young genius who graduated collage at the age of eleven. At some point in her life she became a member of the Black Label's Team Ampoule One. She specializes in explosives but tends to go overboard.


Triage X Vol. 1 JPN (Dec 2009)
Triage X Vol. 1 JPN (Dec 2009)

Oriha Mashida (梨田織葉, Nashida Oriha) is a main character in the Triage X series that was created by Shoji Sato. It began serialization as a bi-monthly series in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age in 2009.

Her first appearance was in Triage X Volume 1 CH. 1 "CASE: 1 Hell's Prescription I - Cross of Fresh Blood".

Character Evolution

Age: 14

Hair: Pink/Pruple

Eyes: Blue

Height: 148cm (4' 10.25")

Measurements: 87-53-79cm (34-21-31in.)

Major Story Arcs

CASE 1: Hell's Prescription

Oriha assisted in the first test mission of Arashi Mikami. She set the explosives in the mansion of Hideo Aranami, but it was a bit too much and nearly caught Arashi and Mikoto Kiba in the blast as they escape. Arashi was then made an official member of Team Ampoule One with Oriha and Mikoto,

Oriha was support in the mission to kill Taisei Aranami. She created a smoke screen, rigged the fire escaped and surrounding cars with explosives, but accidentally set them on the brand new car of Detective Konomi Suzue. Jin Masaki managed to slip through Oriha's perimeter.

CASE 2: Surgical Strike

Oriha originally wasn't going to be able to take part in the mission to find and kill Jin Masaki due to her nation wide tour that was beginning. However, she just left a decoy on her bus, and she arrived just in time to save the day and steal the show. Miki Tsurugi handed off the two wounded police detectives to her, and she shot down the armed helicopter Masaki was trying to use for his escape. She blew up the building as everyone was cleared out. However, eight hours had past since she left her decoy without telling anyone. She only remembered when Sayo Hitsugi mentioned it, and Oriha ran off.

CASE 3: Midnight Guerrilla

Oriha returned form her tour just about the time a flame arsonist was killing off criminals that Black Label was already targeting. Oriha was running recon on the net mission and reported that everyone in side looked ready for a fire. Arashi and Mikoto took out the gangsters inside, and the lady arsonist broke in soon after. Oriha distracted her by asking about her choice of weapons when she looked ready to shoot her team. The arsonist escape by jumping out the window.

Needed a break from the pop-idol life, she ran into Arashi as he left school, and she tried to play herself off as Arashi's little sister, Orina, to hide her identity. Though Arashi's friend Hinako was a big Ori-Ori fan, she failed to recognize who she was and just mistook her as a fellow fan.

Powers & Abilities

Oriha is a human girl with no otherworldly or supernatural power. She has never displayed any real fighting ability and works more often as support and recon.


Oriha is a certified genius that graduated from an Iowa state collage when she was eleven years old. She has a unique understanding of chemicals and explosives..

Weapons & Equipment

As an explosives expert of Black label, Oriha uses various forms of explosives. This ranges from grenades, gun powered, and plastic explosives. One of her more frequent types is call an en bloc to destroy entire buildings. This helps Black Label in destroying evidence of their actions from the police.

Her most frequently used weapon is a grenade launcher/. This can be used with a variety of different shells.

Other Media


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