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Featured in the following issues:

* Adventure Comics #0

* Nightwing #153

* Secret Six #6

* Action Comics #874

* Booster Gold #17

* Green Arrow/Black Canary #17

* Green Lantern Corps #33 * Titans #10

* The Outsiders #15

* Birds of Prey #127

* Justice League of America #30

* Robin #183

* Supergirl #38

* Vigilante #3

* Green Lantern #38

* Justice Society of America #24

* Superman #685

* Teen Titans # 68

* Wonder Woman #29

A special series of stories spanning 19 DC titles throughout February 2009. Each of the titles involved will contain a bonus story that features Scar (aka "the Scarred Guardian") who is tied into the coming Blackest Night arc. These "Origins & Omens" stories will contain hints at major storylines to come. These stories are about the identities of the heroes involved, they go back to the chore of their existence and to their identity, to who they are.

Collected Editions

Non-U.S. Editions


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