Original Supreme

    Character » Original Supreme appears in 7 issues.

    The original version of Supreme who was written out of continuity. He now resides in the Citadel Supreme.

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    The original Supreme is one of the many homages to Superman in Alan Moore's run of Supreme, this version of Supreme is a homage to when Superman made his first appearance in comics, Original Supreme's costume differs from that of the current Supreme as well as his art style just as how Superman originally appeared as. We first see the original Supreme in Supreme #41, which he is he is seen with Superion, Sister Supreme,and Squeak the Supremouse when trying to recruit the "Current/Mainstream" Supreme into Supremacy. He was struke when Supreme punched Superion into him and Sister Supreme, it was only untik Spueak came around and knocked out Supreme. When everything was resolved The Supremes took Supreme to Supremacy to show him what is happening to his world. Upon their arrival we learn of when the Original Supreme first made it to Supremacy, during the 1940's in which it was nothing but empty white space a sort of limbo if you will. When the Supremes appear there, we first lern of his differences compared to his other selves. He cannot fly but rather leap at high distances similar to that of what Superman originally did, you can say he can leap a building in a single bound. As such he's considerely slower then other varations of Supreme as Sister Supreme was questioning as to when he'll catch up with them. When he eventually does get there, he's catches up with Supreme and 60's Supreme as they mention him. They then tell the tale of Original Supreme's origin and as well as how he got to Supremacy.

    Original Supreme was born in 1920, son of Jack and Joanna Crane from littlehaven. One day when he has ten he was walking his dog out into the woods, when he discovered a hidden cave and within that cave was a magic metal belt buckle. Just by rubbing the buckle(sort of similar to a genine in a lamp or characters who have to rub or cling things together like Mighty Man for example) he would become Supreme. He could jump buildings in a single bound, lift cars, and live ammo would bounce off his chest like it was nothing. He would come up with the identity of Ethan Crane, a reporter and would fight off crime in Omega City. Until 1940, in which his entire world would dissapear and he ended up in the limbo that is known as Supramacy, during which it was all nothing but white space of nothingness. Similarly the original Darius Dax also experience this when Original Supreme took his car and smashed it upon a rock but instead of dying he too along with Omega City Chemical works ends up in a different limbo but similar to that of Supremacy called Daxia. Similarly to Dax a building related to Original Supreme went with him as well, that being Daily Record in which he worked as a reported as well as little scattered chunks of little haven. And so Supreme would be alone in this limbo until 1945 when the next Supreme arrived into this limbo. Soon other versions/variations of Supreme along with their Supporting cast would pop up, some being more powerful then Original Supreme, most noteably Majesty Supreme who arrived in '68. Before the king arrived, Squeak, 50's Supreme, Three Sargents Supreme as well as other variations of Supreme arrived. What made things different when Majesty Supreme arrived(A homage to Silver age Superman)is that his exploded planet Supron arrived with him and together with the resources of Supron, the scattered remains of the buildings from Original Supreme's world and the team work of all the other Supremes team work, they made the Valhalla Supreme that is known as Supremacy. We last see Original Supreme as he's done talking and getting ready to lead for the party ready for the current mainstream Supreme. This would be the last of what we've seen of Original Supreme as when the Current/Mainstream 90's Supreme entered his new world, his origin was completely different compared to his.

    Powers & Abilities

    Original Supreme's powers are not that different when comparing him to Golden Age Superman. He can leap buildings in a single bound, lift cars over his head as they were nothing, and can take bullets as they were nothing. He also appears to have some form of super-speed/agility but that was never properly explored.


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