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After the reveal at the end of the previous issue, it only makes sense that we delve a little into the affairs of Nick Fury. However, as interesting as this tale may be, it kind of comes out of the left park and adds very little to the overall event ultimately, coming across as almost a filler issue. For what it is, though, this is a thoroughly enjoyable character study that helps to add to the personal nature of the narrative.

The title tells it all; we learn about the secret life Nick Fury has been leading for years, which has occasionally tied in to the reveals or ideas so far presented. It can be a lot to take in, and I'm still unsure of how all of it ties in to the plot threads at hand. However, Fury is characterized very well, and it helps to secure him as something of a main character for the event, something that the writing has been building on since the first issue.

Other than the focus, this is all what you've come to expect. The art is good but occasionally unfitting, the writing is pretty solid, and the event is good but nothing amazing or over-the-top. Enjoy it for what it is, and I just hope that the next issue has a bit more to offer in terms of the plot at hand.

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