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An "EYE" full of secrets!

LAST ISSUE REVIEW! Writer Jason Aaron, artist Mike Deodato, and color artist Frank Martin journey back into the "Original Sin" to continue to answer the question, "Who Shot The Watcher?"

The Good

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If there is one thing you should take away from this issue, it's the "Original Sins" that will be the most interesting part about this entire series [main event and side stories]. That dawned on me after seeing the, "big", reveal of the man that shot the watcher, The Orb. I loved how Jason Aaron had written as a side note for a brief background on the character as a, "Z-List super villain with an eyeball for a head." That really justified this reveal and, to me, will allow me to really enjoy the sins of my favorite heroes!

The Orb, or the Z-list super villain, being revealed in this issue was the best move for this series. If the series got to the end and we FINALLY get to see the big bad behind the Watcher's death, it would not be that amazing. Solely because of how little we actually know about The Orb, revealing him this early on is a plus for this series. It tells us readers that the villain behind the Watcher's death is not important; but, instead of focusing on the villain of a story arc, Jason Aaron is giving us the sins of our favorite heroes. Showing us what deep dark secrets they have buried in their pasts. And that, will be very cool to witness!

The artwork is freaking amazing! Mike Deodato and Frank Martin did a terrific job creating this wonderful world. The characters look tough and larger than life; and, that works perfectly with this story arc.

The Bad

No complaints.

The Verdict

You should either check out the main event or the side stories! Original Sin is really amazing and should be read by all. 5 out of 5. NEXT ISSUE!

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