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    Origin is a comic entity responsible for the creation of all Meta-Humans and beings of power in the universe. She has been fighting a war against her nemesis, the Unbeing since intelligent life first evolved.

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    Origin’s true name is unpronounceable by humans; but she has (according to the Unbeing) been fighting a war against the Unbeing. Origin created all the Superheroes on Earth and is responsible for the events to unfold so that people gain their powers and use names and costumes she creates. In the case of the Fantastic Four, she was the one who caused the cosmic radiation to bombard their ship, she also put their “super-names” in their heads. In the case of Thor, Origin was the one who showed the Asgardians how to get to Midgard millennia ago. Origin was the one who subtly directed aliens (such as the Silver Surfer) how to get to Earth.

    Unbeing by contrast causes those being to lose their powers and be forgotten for a time, sometimes permanently. (see: Sentry, The Overmind, and Namor). Unbeing claimed that Mutants were the easiest to create as Origin could simply seed them with their powers while they were still in the womb, and it saved her the trouble of coming up with clever origin stories.

    Origin had existed this way for thousands of millennia creating beings of power and the Unbeing uncreating them. When ever her body become too old or worn out, she would die and be reincarnated into a new body somewhere else in the Universe. Unbeing claimed that neither of them could be killed or destroyed in any real or permanent sense.

    It was revealed that the Origin and Unbeing had been fighting their war on Earth for the past 5,000 years. The Unbeing uncreated Quasar on the orders of Oblivion to use him as a pawn against Origin. Unbeing was in the form of a 10-year old boy named Billy Betelheim living in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

    Unbeing explained his history with Origin to Wendell Vaughn switching their roles and oversimplifying things greatly. Unbeing explained that his Grandmother, Phyllis Twombly was the Unbeing and attempted to get Wendell to kill to remove her from Earth if he blasted her at the moment of her death.

    Billy, at the crucial moment recreated Quasar’s costume and Quantum Bands, but not his memory. Wendell even with no memory of being Quasar saw through the Unbeing‘s ruse and destroyed his mortal form instead of Origin. Wendell understood that an entity claiming to be a creative force would never be so bloodthirsty. In her gratitude as her last act on Earth, Origin recreated Quasar’s costume retroactively throughout time, making him a temporal anomaly. She bid Quasar to allow her to die in peace saying that he would have no memory of her.

    Later, Quasar would gain Cosmic Awareness from Eon and would remember this action as it was key to his defeat of the Cosmic Assassin.

    Later, Quasar was killed by the Ultimate Nullifier and his Quantum Bands were transported into the amniotic sac of a nascent space-borne lifeform which turned out to be the reincarnated form of Origin who held onto the Quantum-Bands until a resurrected Quasar could claim them.


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