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    David Orjean, nicknamed "Origin," is a biochemical engineer with the ethics of a chain saw. He had developed a genetic process to give people superpowers -- the same process that created Max Damage.

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    After Plutonian flipped his lid and turned villain, normal humans all around Sky City were desperate for protection.  David Orjean promised the populace that he could give them superpowers for a hefty price.  One of his customers was stopped by Max Damage, and his dying words told Max that Origin knew of a way to save them from Plutonian by sending them off the planet.
    Origin just dipped his next client into a genetic vat in his secret laboratory when Max Damage confronts him.  Pleasantly surprised, Origin greets Max saying that nobody's seen him since he double-crossed Incendiary.  Origin is tossed towards his biochemical concoction by Max, who then grabs him by his ankle and threatens to drop him in unless he divulges information about this escape plan from Plutonian.
    Origin tells Max  that somebody is selling a one-time use teleport-jumper on the black market for one billion.  Origin pleads for his life, then Max tells the villain that he's the worst.  Some of the last words that David Orjean mutters were, "You were my only success.  That's right.  I know the truth about you, pal.  What do you have to say to that?"  Shortly thereafter, Max and Jailbait are seen walking away from his exploding secret laboratory.
    At Lieutenant Armadale's home later that night, Max tells the cop that Origin was saving up to buy the teleport-jumper from Amberjack.


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