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What are the Howlett family secrets? What is the fate of the Logans? Who will die before Wolverine is born in blood? All this and more will be revealed as Origin continues with issue two!

The action in this issue takes place a few years after issue 1. A few years have passed and Rose feels Dog has become more like his father, cruel and heartless. John Howlett has begun to prep young James for his future as master of the estate, though his own father disapproves of the gentle means by which he instructs the boy. Mrs. Hopkins sends Rose to check on James. Arriving at James’s room, Rose walks in on the argument between John and his father.

Rose is sent away and inadvertently walks in on Mrs. Hopkins as she is helping Elizabeth Howlett dress. Rose notices large claw-like scars on Elizabeth’s bare back and is immediately thrown out of the room by Mrs. Hopkins. Shocked by what she has seen, Rose runs outside to the gardens only to be confronted by Dog who attempts to molest her. James witnesses the situation and intercedes by screaming that he is going to tell his father. Distracted, Dog is slapped by Rose, who is able to get away.

Dog's father, Thomas, is reprimanded by John Howlett who tells him to take care of his son. After being punished, (which is not shown in this issue) Dog begins to plot his revenge on James. Later, while visiting his older brother’s grave, James is attacked by Dog for getting him into trouble. James’s dog Callie bites Dog on the heal, who then grabs the dog, pulls out a knife, and ends up killing the puppy in front of him. This action leads to the Logans being fired and forced off the Howlett property, as Thomas vows that he will make them suffer.

Later that evening, Thomas and Dog, bearing shotguns, storm the estate, kill Mr. Kenneth and force Rose to show them how to sneak in to the Master Bedroom. They go upstairs to Elizabeth’s room where Thomas grabs Elizabeth and tells her that he is taking her with him. Elizabeth, tellingly, doesn't seem to mind the idea, but insists that he release Rose, and are confronted by John. John is beaten and executed just as James enters the room.

Dog threatens to kill James but is rescued by Rose. James rushes Thomas for killing his father and is then knocked back by Thomas' shotgun butt. Thomas quickly realizes though that he is bleeding profusely from stab wounds in his abdomen, and falls to the ground dead. James is then revealed to have sprouted claws from his hands and that they are covered in Thomas' blood, and he falls on his knees, screaming and crying at the loss of his father.



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