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Orga first appeared not as some towering beast,  but as a sleek spacecraft that was partially embedded in an asteroid on the bottom of the sea of Japan. Whilst trying to excavate and raise the ruins, the ship apparently regained power, rapidly ascending to the surface, before going dormant again. Apparently recharging in the suns rays. When Godzilla made his way into tokyo bay, the ship shed it's exterior, and moved on an apparent intercept course. After a tense standoff, and a very perplexed Godzilla, the ship opened fire. The fight was rather one-sided, with the ships blasts keeping Godzilla off balance, and it's speed allowing it to dodge any retort. However, unable to topple the kaiju, the ship retreated. Eventually settling itself in the heart of Tokyo, the creature quickly assimilated all the data on Godzilla it could. And managed to incorporate Godzilla's regenerative factor, dubbed "regeneratore G-1" into itself. Finally, the creature inside took a tangible force, resembling a large, semitranslucent jellyfish like being, with a flattened head, and two glowing eyes. However, not adapted for Earth's atmosphere, it quickly mutated into the being known as Orga.

Orga's appearance is that of a grotesque, hunch backed monster with thick, rubbery grey hide. Most prominent are Orga's massive hands, which it uses to knucklewalk not unlike a gorilla. It has a short, thick, tail and a short neck as well. Its face has a square jaw with a prominent chin, lined with rows of serrated teeth. On it's left shoulder, an energy pit of sorts allows it to blast the same energy it had while inside the ship. For much of the battle, Orga physically dominated Godzilla, tossing him about like a rag doll. However, he could not overcome Godzilla's healing factor, but neither could Godzilla overcome the healing factor orga had integrated into itself. However, Orga eventually bit off more then it could chew. After mutating itself further to be able to swallow Godzilla, it was blown apart from the inside out by Godzilla's Nuclear Pulse.

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