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    Oregon is a state in the Northwest region of the US.

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    Oregon is a state located in the North Western United States. It's capital is Salem, the largest city is Portland. The name first appeared as "Ouragon" in a 1765 text by Robert Rogers, a colonial frontiersman. An 1778 book by Jonathan Carver, a well-known explorer, changed the name to "Oregon". An 1817 poem by William Cullen Bryant helped popularize the latter version. The origin of the name is obscure, several theories connect it to words from a variety of European and Native American languages. For example the French "ouragan" (hurricane, windstorm, tornado).  
    Oregon is the 33rd state of the Union, admitted in 1859. It is the 9th largest state but only the 27th most populous. It borders Washington, Idaho, Nevada and California.  
    Oregon is the home of Stumptown Comics Fest which focuses specifically on showcasing creators, and the Portland Comic Book Show.  It is also the home base of Dark Horse Comics (Milwaukie) and Oni Press (Portland).

    Locations used in Comics:

    • The Vertigo series: I, Zombie, uses Eugene, Oregon as its primary setting. 
    • The Oni series: Stumptown uses Portland, Oregon as its primary setting.
    • The Icon/Marvel series: Scarlet uses Portland, Oregon as its primary setting. 

    Geographical Locations
    Cascade Mountains

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