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    The Order of Ancient Mysteries was a Mystical Organization.

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    The Order of Ancient Mysteries (O.A.M.) was a mystical organization based in Fawney Rig, a sussex manor house in Wych Cross, England that was created and run by Roderick Burgess until his death in 1947.  Burgess created the order to gain fame as one of the greatest magicians of his time among the occult circles. In 1916, he announced widely his intentions to raise and imprison Death. The same year, the order attempts to achieve such goal but instead of getting Death, they imprison Dream of the Endless, they collect his helm, ruby and pouch and keep it among many other treasures of the order. The imprisonment of Dream causes what is later called Encephalitis Lethargica, a sleeping disorder that affected many creatures until 1988 when he escaped after 70 years imprisoned in a glass cage in the basement of Fawney Rig.
    Ruthven Sykes was also a remarkable member of the order and the second in command until 1930, when he betrayed and leaved the order, taking with him Dream's tools and many other treasures.
    After Roderick Burgess death in 1947, his son Alex Burgess takes the command of the order along with with his personal assistant and significant other Paul McGuire. Alex decides to keep Dream imprisoned and, like his father, tries to bargain youth and eternal life from Dream in exchange for his freedom. In 1970, he hands over the reins of the organization to Paul McGuire.


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