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    Ord is an alien from the planet Breakworld. He trained for decades and was sent to Earth, under the belief that Colossus is destined to destroy his home planet.

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    Ord is an alien and native of the Breakworld a brutal planet that thrives on survival of the strongest and he was one of their champions. Like the other citizens of the Breakworld, Ord believes that the X-Man Colossus will destroy his home planet and was sent to Earth to rid them of that threat. 

    Enter Ord

    Ord lured the X-Men out by taking hostages at a wealthy benefit.  He battled the X-Men, defeating  Wolverine, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde and Beast before being attacked by Lockheed.  After his first battle with the X-Men, it was obvious that Ord was an experienced fighter with technology beyond our own. His next act was to launch an assault on the X-Mansion, where he encountered Armor and Wing.  Armor attacked him but was quickly defeated.  Wing attempted to flee, but Ord caught him and de-powering the student Wing by injecting him with the cure. He returned to Benetech and prepared to engage them when a now freed and enraged Colossus flanks him and defeats him.  The X-Men are then stopped by Fury and SHIELD, accompanied by Agent Brand, who were bringing him in under diplomatic immunity. Ord attempts to escape in his ship, but Colossus throws Wolverine with a fastball special.  Wolverine lands on the ship, and sticks his hand in Ord's mouth, threatening to pop his claws.  Ord was then taken into S.W.O.R.D. custody.


    After fighting the X-Men, Ord was taken into S.W.O.R.D. custody only to be broken out by Danger. Forming an uneasy alliance against the X-Men, Ord and Danger traveled back to the mansion to complete their mutual goal of the destruction of the X-Men. This fight was interrupted when S.W.O.R.D. teleported the X-Men as well as Ord and Danger on to the S.W.O.R.D. ship again on the way to the Breakworld for a preemptive strike. After being incapacitated and landing again on the Breakworld, Ord and Danger have been taken into Breakworld custody. Ord having lost the respect of his home world as their Champion is set to be executed for his failure to complete his mission.

    He manages to break out from his prison during the battle between Kruun's forces and Brand's men, quickly moving to the reactor chamber with the intent of stopping Colossus whom he believes has entered the energy sphere to destroy his world. He encounters heavy resistance from both Summers and Frost who stand between him and the energy sphere that Colossus already entered. Eventually managing to enter he prevents Aghanne from forcing Colossus to dislodge the reactor by removing her protective helmet of the suit she was wearing setting her face ablaze just as he was since the energy sphere destroyed all matter but Colossus. Colossus having been freed by the distracted Aghanne then rips her protective suit openand knocks her out of the sphere. Ord however doesn't survive the ordeal but died completing his mission which was to save his planet.


    Powers, Abilities & Weapons


     Ord has superhuman strength.  He is strong enough to fight Colossus with hand-to-hand attacks and nerve strikes.   He also has superhuman durability, allowing him to withstand hits from Colossus.  Ord also has the ability to fly. He is an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant.  He trained for decades and was the best warrior on his planet. He wears an armor that appears to enhance his level of durability.  He was able to use the armor on his wrist to deflect an optic blast as well.  He wields two barbed blades which he claims can cut through any material on Earth.


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