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Into the Wild

The more I read this book, the more I want. The story is quite invoking. One often wonders what the future will be like, and for the most part, it seems that most writers are in agreement that we will be undone by our greed. This is usually accompanied by some sort of disaster, sometimes natural, but often one of man's design. With this issue, the origin of the bleak future depicted in Orchid is becoming a little clearer in this book.

The sea level rose centuries ago and those that were able to afford the high ground became the rulers of the land. The poor were left to live in the swamplands fighting for their survival not just against their fellow man, but also against the new species that evolved to the new terrain and dangerous conditions. The renewed emphasis on physical survival means that intellectual enlightenment has taken the back seat which unfortunately means that until living conditions take a natural progression towards something better, the current state is what life will be like the for foreseeable future

Cue our rag tag group that will save the world. A prostitute, a "scholar", and a little boy. I've seen more come of less and it remains to be seen how exactly they plan on making the world a better place. This issues brings back the mask that the scholar salvaged at the beginning of the first issue and a little more is revealed about it. The cliffhanger ending already has me waiting patiently until the next issue.

The only gripe I have with this book is the disconnect from the dialogue and its interaction with the art. When I move through some of the panels, it appears that the artwork and the dialogue do not match up very well and sometimes I feel like the dialogue is missing some lines that would make the story a bit clearer. That's not to say that the artwork or writing is bad, but there is not as much cohesion as I would like. The narrated portions of the book however are much stronger. I hope that as this book continues, the creative teams gels a little better and creates a more unified product.

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