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Worth The Wait!?


These colors!! I think that will be the phrase that I repeat most throughout this review. They are absolutely beautiful.  This defines what eye candy should be.  Awesome cover!

The Good:

The art, the colors, the story, the art and the colors.  No, really, the way that some of the background stuff is depicted is some of the most beautiful art that I have seen in a comic in a long time and to think that this title is done in its entirety by one person is just incredible.  Having old characters return made the story a little bit more solid, within the confines that it's a bit silly to begin with.  Of course, the language and world that Stokoe is creating is one that I could keep reading for years.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, because this series is handled by one individual, it has hurt the pacing due to delays.  I hate to use that as a reason for docking rating, but it really, really felt like a long time since I had read about these characters and it was.  Almost six months is a very long time to be delayed.  To the creator's credit, he is creating a masterpiece, in my opinion, but the timing still hurts.  Also, the story is borderline ridiculous, so it's definitely not for everyone and this particular issue is not really a good place to start since most of the language and the characters are very prominent in earlier issues and not knowing their background and the reasons for their actions will obviously hinder enjoyment of this issue.


If this series was more constant it would get my utmost praise.  Truthfully, I thought it had been canceled and that would have been unfortunate, since this is truly the best series that everyone is not currently reading.  If you've never heard of this comic, do yourself a favor and pick up #1, you might actually enjoy it.  If anything, the art is some of the best you may ever see, if you dig this particular style.


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