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    A successor to the original Orb, this one has an actual giant eyeball for a head.

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    Unlike the original Orb, Drake Shannon, this Orb does not wear a eyeball-themed helmet, and was instead born with a head in the form of a giant eye. His bizarre deformity caused him to be abandoned at an early age and he wound up being raised in a freak show. His real name is unknown, and may very well be simply "The Orb."

    He eventually became a mercenary of sorts, wielding his so-called "Repulsor Ray" gun.


    The second Orb was created by writer Jason Aaron and artist Tan Eng Huat. He first appeared in 2008's Ghost Rider #26.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Former Things

    After a period of relative inactivity in his mercenary career, the Orb was eventually hired by Zadkiel, an ambitious angel that was using Daniel Ketch as an intermediary. Alongside Blackout, Death-Ninja, and Doghead they were sent out against Caretaker in the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee. The Orb used his Repulsor Ray to force Caretaker to retreat within his house. He followed him inside but triggered a trap, causing a wooden plank lined with nails to launch into his eyeball. He was incapacitated with pain.

    Heaven's on Fire

    It was later found that the Orb survived the attack. He was being held at a medical prison because of his injuries. He was later broken out of the prison by The Deacon and Blackout. He then joins them to work for Zadkiel. Alongside the new Vengeance he attacked the gateway to Heaven, but faced the Gun Nuns and was knocked out by Daniel Ketch's Ghost Rider.

    Another Fine Mess

    Time-travelling Orb.
    Time-travelling Orb.

    Orb later returned to his life of crime and formed a group of criminals he called the Orblings. While trying to rob a bank, Orb and his Orblings were attacked by Spider-Man and Wolverine. The Orb then wound up being sent skipping through time by some mysterious glowing diamonds that he'd been trying to steal. He eventually gained some understanding of the diamonds' time travel capabilities, but he was apprehended by the Time Variance Authority before he could put his new-found knowledge to use.

    Incredibles Hulk - Alone

    An insane love of eyes.
    An insane love of eyes.

    The Orb later resurfaced, robbing another bank with his Orblings, except this time he was stealing the eyes of the people at the bank rather than any money. Regarding the eyes as "windows to the soul," the Orb had the insane plan to steal countless eyes and harness their power in order to prepare himself for a rematch with Ghost Rider. When he left the bank, he saw Red She-Hulk and Hulk fighting and sought to claim their eyes as trophies. He was defeated by the two powerhouses however and later saw how two Hulks have sex.

    Original Sin

    Orb confronting the Avengers
    Orb confronting the Avengers

    Not much was heard of the Orb until a few months later when, unbeknownst to himself, he would play a huge role in the Marvel landscape. Orb had contacted a criminal mastermind known as Doctor Midas. He told him about the cosmic entity known as the Watcher and the numerous weapons that where stored at the Watcher's lair. After some convincing, Orb managed to join Doctor Midas and Midas' daughter Exterminatrix to the Watcher's lair. While there, they where soon discovered by the lair's master. A fight ensued that ended with the Orb shooting the Watcher.

    The Orb, because of his affection for eyes, took out one of the eyes of the wounded Watcher. It unpredictably gave the Orb and his companions great power, but also altered their mental en physical states. Startled by the battle, the foes fled the scene just before any heroes could make it there. The villains returned to the hideout of Doctor Midas, and thought themselves safe until the Avengers and other heroes tracked them down. While Midas and his daughter fled, Orb confronted the heroes and used the Watchers eye to show them the darkest sins that had been acted against them. Orb was nonetheless soon defeated and placed into holding by the Avengers. He was eventually taken out by Nick Fury, whom wanted to make him pay for his crimes. Not much later, the Avengers confronted Nick Fury and, during the ensuring battle, the Orb absorbed one the Watcher's eyes. Making him even more unstable then he already was.

    Deadpool & the Mercs for Money

    For more information see: Deadpool & The Mercs For Money

    When Deadpool and the Mercs for Money sold a Rigellian Recorder seemingly capable of foretelling the future, the Orb, claiming that no one should have this kind of power, tried to kill them before they could delivery the robot to its new owner, the Ozarks Kingpin, but failed.

    Alternate Versions

    Old Man Logan: Earth-807128

    For more information see: The Wastelands

    Old Man Hawkeye comes looking for Orb at Eye Candy, a strip club just outside Hammer Falls. Orb recognizes Hawkeye and sicks his hired goons on the aging former superhero. The goons are no match for Hawkeye and his bow, and Orb gives up.

    Lucky for Orb, Hawkeye only wants to know where he can find the villain responsible for taking down the Avengers. Hawkeye wants Ord to use his powers to find the unknown villain but Orb can't and can only give Hawkeye the name "The Big Man" and Arcade's Joint.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Orb has a giant eye for a head. It seems that this gives him the ability to see beyond the surface of things, discerning hidden meanings or secrets from people - the exact nature of his power is largely undefined though.

    Orb's Repulsor Ray.
    Orb's Repulsor Ray.

    He commonly wields a Repulsor Ray pistol in battle, but doesn't seem to be a particularly good shot with it.


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