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    A colonized planet that is culturally very similar to Europe during the Middle Ages. Members of the royal family of Orando have the innate ability to create realistic illusions with their minds. The most famous native of the planet is Princess Projectra, of the Royal House of Orando and a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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    The 31st century planet of Orando was created by both Jim Shooter and Pete Costanza. Orando first appeared in the pages of the series Adventure Comics #362 , November, 1967. It was the home planet to the newest Legionnaire Princess Projectra and the creators wanted to give it a fully medieval feel.


    Original Continuity: New Earth

    Orando; Valar Three star system
    Orando; Valar Three star system

    The planet in the far Valar Three star system named Orando is the only inhabited planet in its whole system. The state of technology is compared to that of feudal Europe on ancient Earth. Indeed its very culture and governing is also akin to that of the European feudal time period with actual magic possessed by a few denizens of the planet. Only within its recent history have the people of Orando and its ruling parties have resisted outside world contact, no traders or technologically advanced species had been allowed to land on its soil. Its leaders had refused to allow the United Planets the construction of a space port on Orando.

    Royal Castle of Orando
    Royal Castle of Orando

    In the late 30th century, the planet's monarch King Voxv, and then his daughter Queen Projectra, allowed limited development of planet's mineral resources. However when Projectra's father King Voxv suddenly died, Projectra's cousin Pharoxx and his grandmother Hagga challenged her right to subsection the throne. Projectra, along with Val and the Legion, defeated Pharoxx and Hagga in trial by combat, securing her place as ruler of Orando. She married Karate Kid and they became Legion reserve members, since Legion bylaws of the time would not allow married members.

    Orando would become the home of both Projectra and Karate Kid after they married and retired from the Legion. Projectra wanted to bring Orando out of the dark ages, wanting to bring it to an elevated height in the United Planets and bring better opportunities to the people of Orando. Many diplomatic outreach programs were started during the rule of Projectra in an attempt to modernize Orando.

    Royal Wedding of Princess Projectra on Orando
    Royal Wedding of Princess Projectra on Orando

    But this idyllic time on Orando would be brutally interrupted when the Legion of Super-Villains attacked Orando, wreaking widespread havoc, mass death of its denizens and horrific destruction. The planet itself was seized and used Zymyr's alien technology to transport away to another dimension. It was on Orando that Projectra's husband Karate Kid, was murdered.

    After the defeat of the invaders, Queen Projectra used the villain's technology to transport Orando into another dimension. During this time Projectra started many public works projects in rebuilding and governing Orando as its sole ruler. Almost five and a half years layer Orando would return to its proper place in its normal universe.

    5-Year Gap/Five Years later

    The period in Orando's history after the Magic Wars and the collapse of the United Planets economy would be a benchmark in time called the 5-year Gap. At this point Orando was ruled by Queen Projectra, long since retied from the Legion. During her rule Orando was invaded by the Khunds forces and Orando lay wasted its medieval technology nearly useless against the sophisticated war-machine that are the Khunds.

    However Queen Projectra would retain enough forces to drive out the Khunds and win back the territories lost to them during the initial onslaught.

    Shortly after Orando started to regain its bearings and begin redevelopment projects across the planet. At this time the Dark Circle had set up surveillance on Orando in an attempt to assassinator Queen Projectra. At this time Marte Allon, the mother of Legionnaire Colossal Boy and former U.P President, would take a role of advisor to Projectra. It was the first time in Orando's history a outer worldly alin had assisted a governing ruler of Orando. The events of Zero Hour would wipe out the complete continuity of this Legion of Super-Heroes timeline, including Orando.

    Threeboot: Earth-Prime

    In the next Legion timeline reboot, also known as the "Threeboot", is the designated Earth-Prime Universe. This Orando was also set in medieval times however had already begun having ties to the United Planets. The governing body was also still a royal family and a Princess Projectra would also join the Legion of Super-Heroes. The destruction of Orando by Terra Firma, a group of meta-humans organized by Praetor Lemnos. With almost the entire royal family and the entire race virtually wiped out,

    Retroboot: New Earth

    Orando; Retroboot
    Orando; Retroboot

    With the original Pre-Crisis Legion continuity returning to as close to being approximation of the original continuity. Orando was once again in the pages of the Legion of Super-Heroes this time with Sensor Girl and Karate Kid returning to Jerkies' homeworld to stop the Fatal Five from taking over the galaxy.

    Location Details

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    Universe: Pre-Zero Hour, Post-Zero Hour, Earth-Prime

    Galaxy: Milky Way

    Star System: Valor Three Star System

    Planet: Orando

    Province: United Planets

    Race: Orandians

    Notable Citizens of Orando

    Sensor Girl: Queen Wilimena Morgana Darergina Annaxandra Projectra Velorya "Sensor Girl" Princess is a member of the royal family of Orando. Once known as Princess Projectra of the Legion of Super-Heroes at one time she took over as the official head of the royal family before giving up the title to return to Earth. She has the power to create impressively realistic illusions.

    Hagga: The once sorceress royal of Orando and the paternal grandmother of Sensor Girl who would tutor her in the arts of illusion casting. Attempted to take the trone from Sensor Girl and place Pharoxx her grandson as Orandos ruler.

    Pharoxx: The cousin to Sensor Girls Pharoxx along with his grandmother Hagga would cast a trail by combat with her and her spouse Karate Kid for the throne of Orando. he would loose and be banished.


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