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    Orana was a pre-crisis Amazon who challenged and defeated Diana for the title of Wonder Woman. She didn't last long and was killed in her first mission by a villain called Warhead.

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    While on a visit back to Paradise Island, Diana was challenged by Orana to a repeat of the contests which she had won in order to become Wonder Woman. Orana was shown to display great aggression and although Diana was clearly the stronger contestant, she was constantly stopping other Amazons from being killed by Orana's reckless moves. Hippolyta tried to award Diana her old title, but she was forbidden to do so by the gods. With Orana triumphant Diana returned to man's world against the orders of her mother. Orana had a difficult time adapting to her new role. Her aggression often put the people she was trying to help in more harm than they would have been if just left alone. She also displayed a lack of familiarity with things such as automobiles and police. When she encountered Diana, she accused Diana of trying to interfere with her attempts to establish herself as a hero. Diana was only interested in Orana's safety. Eventually Orana was killed at the hands of Warhead who Diana was successful in stopping. Following a warrior's funeral on Paradise Island, the role of Wonder Woman reverted to Diana.

    Wonder Woman (2017)

    Orana will be played by Mayling Ng.


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