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    A cosmic being who is summoned when worlds are about to die

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    Very little is known about the Oracle. The member of an ancient, cosmically powered species, possibly called the Timeless, his function was mainly to observe the goings-on in the universe, and to interfere only in times of multiversal crisis.


    Oracle was created by Len Wein and Dick Dillin, making his first appearance in Justice League of America #100. The character was significantly rewritten and redesigned by Grant Morrison and Freddie E. Williams II, and again by Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort.

    Character Evolution

    Bronze Age

    In his initial appearance in the Bronze Age, the Oracle was a cosmic being of uncertain origins and powers. This version of the character resembled a very large human with eyes made of stars; he was capable of normal speech. He was omniscient and possibly omnipotent, but apparently constrained by an unknown entity or rules which forbade him from actively becoming involved in humanity's affairs.

    Modern Age

    The character's origins were greatly expanded on in the Modern Age. Originally a neanderthal, Aurakles was experimented upon by New Gods from the Fourth World who crafted him into their champion, the Earth's first superhero. He was gifted the Seven Imperishable Treasures, and was apparently omniscient and immortal, as well as superhumanly strong and durable. His constraints of the Bronze Age were retconned to being related to the Sheeda's capture and control of him.

    New 52

    The New 52 introduced Oracle's current origin and powers. Now a gigantic cosmic being apparently constructed of rock, he attends significant cosmic events and observes. Initially the character was unable to speak, and communicated through the projection of images into the minds of those with whom he was communicating. This was later retconned without explanation, and the character was again able to speak normally.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Unknown Soldier of Victory

    Oracle is summoned by Doctor Fate, Zatanna, and Thunderbolt to provide information on the lost Seven Soldiers of Victory. He relates their history, and the story of their final clash with Nebula Man. He transport the members of the Justice League and Justice Society through time to help them locate the Seven Soldiers, and once they have rescued them he transports them back to their current time.

    Seven Soldiers of Victory

    Aurakles' society is destroyed by the first Sheeda harrowing, and Aurakles himself is taken captive. After being tortured at Summer's End, he is imprisoned deep beneath what will one day become New York. Kept prisoner by the Sheeda for millennia, he is twisted and driven half-mad by his imprisonment. He is traded by the Sheeda to Boss Dark Side in exchange for the right to harrow North America. He manifests himself in the Life Trap with Shilo Norman, and is able to help convince the hero to free Aurakles and save himself. Dark Side intends to have Aurakles fight to the death for the entertainment of his patrons, but Norman trades his freedom for Aurakles' own. Aurakles is released to wander time and space.

    H'el On Earth

    Adrift deep in space, Oracle is awakened by his herald on Earth, who senses that a time of cataclysm is coming. He travels to Earth, where he encounters Superman, who has recently been flung into space. He shares a cascade of apparently meaningful images with the hero, whom he senses will be the cause of this cataclysm, but vanishes immediately after without explanation. He continues observing events from a distance.

    Krypton Returns

    The Oracle gathers Superboy, Supergirl, and Superman in space and directs their attention to the suddenly living Krypton. He takes possession of Superboy, and through him explains the ongoing crisis caused by H'el's constant manipulations of time in his efforts to save Krypton. Before he can fully explain the crisis, he is forced out of Superboy's body, which has begun to fail. He sends his herald, Faora, to complete the explanation, and creates portals to allow the three heroes to travel back through time and prevent the crisis from occurring. Once the heroes have succeeded in their tasks he facilitates the return of the surviving Superman and Supergirl to their present, and informs them of Superboy's apparent death. He transports them back to Earth.


    Oracle travels to the site where Telos has begun to push itself into reality. Becoming aware of his lack of knowledge about the immediate future, Oracle begins to prepare himself for death. He is destroyed shielding Superman and Supergirl from the sudden release of chronal energy caused by Deimos' destruction. With his dying words, he warns that reality itself is also being torn apart by the energy.

    Alternate Versions

    Earth 2

    Oracle observes the takeover of Earth 2 by Apokolips.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Oracle is a cosmic being of vast but largely unknown power. He is completely omniscient, and aware of all things that have happened, are happening, or will happen. He exists simultaneously at all points in time, and is able to transport individuals between these points at will using portals. He can exist in the vacuum of space, and is massive in size. Apparently made of rock, he is extremely strong and durable.


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