What is next for Orion Pax

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In the "Death of Optimus Prime" Optimus gave up on the being leader he returns to being the the one bot he hasn't been in perhaps a millenia, Orion Pax. Leaving the Autobots on the new Cybertron trying toregain control of NAILS and Decepticons and plunging the planet back in to war, at the end of the book Optimus or now Orion Pax left Cybertron leaving his home, his,friends, troops, the Cybertronians he promised to protect,and the enemies who plot to kill him and conquer the planet. The question is what will he do now, where is he going and another question that raises to the mind is where and what happened to Megatron?

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the decepticons will gain the upper hand. as always. the Autobots always needed a leader to cower behind, or even mobilize and rally them, and none could match a rally to Megatron's hostility and aggression like Optimus could. This is

the only reason the decepticons can't truly win is PIS, in order to keep the comic franchise going.

i'm not complaining, Transformers are damn fine comics, but in reality, The decepticon's should have won a millenia ago...

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I'm thinking he may have went to Earth. Megatron's probably still alive. He was last seen fighting that giant monster comprised of all the Decepticons. I have no clue what may have happened to Galvatron, though.

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He could learn management from Sumdac or be in the future with My Little Pony or will that be for Beast Wars. They did have a horse Japanese series.

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