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    A master of disguise so good even his girlfriend wasn't sure what he looked like.

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    Operator 5, also known as Secret Service Operator # 5, was really James “Jimmy” Christopher, a free ranging secret service agent who worked for a never well defined government organization as their main operative.

    A master of disguise (so good that no one, sometimes even at times himself, knew what his true face looked like), he was also an expert in all forms of modern weaponry, as well as radio operation and chemistry.

    Otherwise he was a remarkable dull person and quite awkward in social settings, having no discernible personality of his own when not in the guise of another person, hewas given to doing things like demonstrating slight of hand magic tricks in inappropriate situations, such while being trapped in a small room with his companions as the enemy closes in.

    However he did demonstrate leadership skills when America was invaded by the Purple Army and later the Yellow Vulture.


    Jimmy Christopher was a character that ran from 1934 to 1939 in the pulp magazine Operator 5.

    Unlike The Shadow, Doc Savage and fellow Popular Publication characters such as the Black Bat and Phantom Detective, Jimmy Christopher never made it into the comics of the Golden Age, perhaps he was just too colorless, however Moonstone has recently licensed the almost forgotten character, who's only claim to fame was appearing in the Pulps only continuing “epic” The Purple Invasion, a multi-issue story arch in which American is invaded by a thinly disguised Germany.


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