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Opal is the child of a yakuza criminal group heir and Shizuko, his lover. The couple eloped and she was conceived and born in secret so she would never be a part of her grandfather Tatsuo's criminal empire, adopted by her biological mother's cousins.


Created by Louise Simonson and Terry Shoemaker. and first appeared in #X-Factor Vol. issue 51 (1990).

Major Story Arcs

Meeting X-Factor

In America she met and dated X-Factor member, Bobby Drake. Her past would come back to haunt her as her grandfather learned of her existence and sent his Cybersamurai to capture her. Opal was to be forced into marriage with one of his warriors so that she could provide him with a suitable heir. She refused, though the surprising kindness and sincerity of Hiro gave both a mutual attraction. In the end, Iceman challenges Hiro to an honourable dual with Hiro deliberately losing so that she could return to America.

End of a Relationship

Her relationship to Iceman would not last and they went their separate ways. She met Hiro again despite nothing becoming of their relationship. She is next seen with a child who Bobby thought was his due to a striking resemblance to him but Opal tells him he is not the father, instead, it was someone she met in Europe who looked like him. Their relationship ended and it's presumed Opal remains in San Francisco.

Known Relatives

Lord Tatsuo (grandfather)

Shizuko Tatsu (mother),

George Tanaka (adopted father/distant cousin)

Rita Tanaka (adopted Mother/distant cousin)

Robert Tanaka (son)

Physical Characteristics

Eyes: Light brown

Hair: Black

Height: 5'5

Weight: 120 lbs


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