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    Mega-City One serial killer.

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    Oola Blint is introduced as a psychopathic housewife. When first seen she has already killed over 300 Mega-City One citizens, but has never been caught. She refers to herself as the "Angel of Mercy", and believes that she is helping the people of Mega-city One by alleviating their suffering, but she picks her victims almost completely at random, knowing nothing about their current state of mind.


    Oola Blint appears in the world of the Judge Dredd comic book series. She was created by John Wagner and Greg Staples in 1997, her first appearance being in 2000AD #1050, in the story "Mad City".

    Modus Operandi

    Oola is a dangerous serial killer with an outwardly cheerful and friendly demeanor. She usually knocks on people's doors with a smile on her face, and when allowed inside will either poison the occupants, often with a food gift such as soup, or occasionally deliver a hammer blow to the back of the head.

    Once incapacitated the victim is given a lethal injection, laid out in a peaceful manner, and given a rose to hold, Oola then usually sings a hymn and then leaves.

    Major Character Arcs

    Angel of Mercy

    After murdering alone for some time in secret, Oola again goes out for a night of murder whilst her husband, Homer Blint, who is a "Peeper" for the Judges (a citizen who watches his neighbours) stays at home, not knowing anything about his wife's sinister hobby.

    However the Judges arrive at the Blint house and ask Homer to watch a building for them. During the job Homer witnesses his wife murder a man in the apartment block across the street from him.

    Homer chooses to cover up what his wife has done as he idolizes her, erasing the tape of the night. Whilst distracted Homer gives the Judges bad info on the room they are besieging and one Judge is killed, he is fired from the Peepers union for grosse dereliction (they think he fell asleep on the job).

    When Homer goes home he tells his wife what he has seen, and she talks him into helping her.


    Whilst out on a night of killing, Judges decide to randomly shake down the building that the Blints have been murdering in (Judges are allowed to barge into anywhere and search without warrants).

    Homer begins to panic, but Oola keeps a level head and manages to talk the two of them out of the building and past the Judges. Whilst they escape they have, however been photographed and all of their details have been taken down, as is the procedure during these searches.

    Knowing it to only be a matter of time before the Judges now track them down, the Blints rush home and pack, managing to get to the airport and out of the country with little time to spare.

    Christmas With the Blints

    After escaping to Brit-Cit the Blints settle down and Homer starts up a legitimate Euthanasia Clinic in an effort to provide willing victims for Oola without her having to murder in cold blood.

    Unfortunately this is not enough for her, as she tells him its not the same "when they want it" and that the joy is in "bringing euthanasia to those who never thought they needed it"

    The two argue, and Oola decides that her husband seems upset and unhappy, and so decides it would be best to put him out of his misery, saying she'll do it on Christmas day as a treat.

    Homer decides its time to confess to the Judges, and gives them the location of their apartment on the one stipulation that the two get put in a cell together, the Judges agree.

    The Blints are finally captured, and are last seen sitting together in their cell.


    "Just giving you an injection. You'll feel a little paralysis at first, then you'll drift off into a deep, peaceful sleep and never wake up. Won't that be nice?"


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