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Review: Onslaught Unleashed #1

The monstrosity known as Onslaught has returned, and it'll take the combined efforts of the Secret Avengers and the Young Allies to vanquish him once again.

The Good

Andrade's art has got fantastic style. I'm sure some readers will find it too unconventional for a story like this, but I was seriously digging its graffiti-like flourish. Though I'm not sure how appropriate Onslaught's return is (more on that below,) McKeever's definitely got a good handle on how these characters relate to these metaphysical circumstances that've grown so complex over the years.

The Bad

Some lines get a bit forced, like Steve spelling exactly what's spreading Rikki so thin and Beast somehow figuring out immediately that the conduit was at the exact point of a rip. Beast dropping exposition about Rikki seemed especially unnecessary considering the back-up we get that details the history of Onslaught. It also doesn't really seem that fitting for such a grand foe like Onslaught to return through machinations of a drug cartel or even an evil corporation.

The Verdict - 3/5

I was around for the first Onslaught x-over and I've always been a bit ambivalent about whether the monster should become a recurring villain. It's a question of whether subsequent appearances would diminish his threat. However, even though this got off to an oddly low-key start, I'm intrigued to see how this reinterpretation of the villain as boogeyman for super-people develops.

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