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Thor and the Hulk continue to fight only now Thor has been possessed by Onslaught. As the fight continues, the possessed Thor suddenly finds that he cannot lift his hammer, since he is not "worthy." Onslaught decides to leave Thor's body and goes into Hulk's. He then picks up and throws Thor miles away.

Now it is up to the Avengers to take him down. Captain America sends the Human Torch and Iron Man to find Thor before his sixty seconds away from his hammer are up. Iron Man finds a human form floating up in the atmosphere as Thor has reverted to his human guise. Hulk/Onslaught finds the hammer has turned into a walking stick. He throws it into the ocean where it lands in Namor's hands. Iron Man returns and flies full speed into Hulk to knock him out. As Iron Man stands over his friend's body, Onslaught makes the jump into him.

Human Torch arrives at the Baxter Building with the "human" Thor as Reed and Ben discuss the DNA test he did on Franklin. At the Avengers Mansion, Rikki is preparing breakfast for Franklin as they discover they have some guests. Loki, the Executioner, Scarlet Witch, Enchantress, and Ultron V. Loki claims they are there to assist in taking down Onslaught. As he speaks to them, the Invisible Woman and Ant-Man are watching over this conversation concealed with invisibility. Sue claims that regardless of whether or not Franklin is her son, she will not allow anyone to harm him.

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