Onslaught: Marvel Universe #1

    Onslaught: Marvel Universe » Onslaught: Marvel Universe #1 - With Great Power... released by Marvel on October 1996.

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    The entire Marvel Universe pitted against Onslaught! From Hulk to the Avengers, from Fantastic Four to X-Men, the Marvel U leaves no stone unturned as they face their most dangerous adversary yet!

    Professor Xavier has battled time and again with Magneto. Yet even the most composed of men can tire.

    Professor X wipes Magneto's mind in order to end the conflict, but the combined forces of Magnetism, Psiforce and the malice of both men create the seed of an unstoppable evil...Onslaught is born.

    Onslaught captures and absorbs Nate Gray the X-Man and Franklin Richards of the Fantastic Four- both prodigies of untapped power. And thus Onslaught grows to a composite of an unimaginable mix of power.

    The X-men are battle weary yet are determined to end this threat that the mutants themselves have created - only to be shown just how insignificant their efforts are.

    Stripped of his power during Onslaught's creation, all Xavier can do is watch as his children face their inevitable death...

    But the heroes of the Marvel Universe emerge from the smoke of battle, to rally for one last stand.

    In this comic, witness the Heroes of the Marvel Universe fight an enemy who can warp reality itself, an enemy who defies battle, an enemy who cannot be beaten... only..accepted.

    This is the marvel universe at their heroic finest.


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