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ONI is the intellignece agency within the UNSC that is reposible for Singal intelligence, human intelligence, propaganda, and counter espionage. ONI works and reports directly to HIGHCOM the highest military authoriaztion in the UNSC. ONI will often go outside is own forces conscripting marines, ODST, SPARTANS, and even civillans to do its shadow work. ONI's most publicly know project was the SPARTAN-II project which was revealed to the general populace was a means of propaganda to say theat the Human-Covenant woar was winnable through these supersoldiers. Due to this public light ONI believes the project was a failure since they want all activites classifed away from public eyes


ONI operate sin complete secrecy with all matters only being revealed to HIGHCOM. The forst notable project ONI undertook was Project-ORION, later renamed SPARTAN-I program. this volunteer program was desinged to increase soldiers effectiveness on the field of battle through genetic modification and chemical treatments. SPARTAN-I program garnered 300 volunteer servicemen known for there already extra effective operations. These individulas were modified and later reinstated to the normal rank and file marines. SPARTAN 1.1s are the children of the orignal Project-ORION candidates and were kept an eye on to see how the modifications affected the next generation.

The most well know porject was the SPARTAN-II project. Working in conjunction with Project-MJOLNIR to produce supersoldiers equipped with powered armor to make them almost invincible compared the the insurrectionists ONI was trying to combat. The project was a sucess with creating the ultimate soldiers in the UNSC though of the orignal 75 candiates kidnapped only 33 survived to become fulltime SPARTANS with 12 being crippled and conscripted into ONI's intelligence divison and 30 killed due to the modifications.

The SPARTAN-III project was intended to be the brother of the SPARTAN-II project. Where the 2's were now public figures and very expensive and low in number, the SPARTAN-IIIs were to be large in number, hidden from the public, and easy to produce.

ONI operatives seem to be normally pulled for ODST ranks as many of their field operatives are helljumper trained such as Captain Veronica Dare


Section 1- The standard section that most UNSC personal deal with. Regulates information flow to other divisons and releases information passed down from higher branches when instructed to.

Section 2- The section in charge of propaganda, Section 2 stops or spreads rumors to boost morale in the UNSC and colonies. Section 2 is on charge of listing SPARTAN-IIs either MIA or WIA instead of KIA as a way to preserve their image of invincibility.

Section 3- The research divison that runs many black opts programs. Section 3 is responsible for the SPARTAN-II, SPARTAN-III, NOVA Bomb, and many other unmoral projects.

ONI Prowler Corps - The divison that operates within the UNSC. Prolwers are charge with information gathering while in combat with the Covenant.

ONI Signal Corps- The divison is responsible for confusing the Covenant by using fake radio signals to lure Covenant forces away from colonies and into UNSC traps


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