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    A former baseball pitcher, who became obsessed with throwing random objects. "Blessed" with a magical coat with an unlimited supply of objects, he became the supervillain One-Shot

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    Carmichael was a fan favorite pitcher who was known for never throwing one shot twice. Because his fans loved how he changed up these shots, he began to throw different things, such a banana, a dish cleaner and one of the 101 Dalmatians (no seriously!). He taken to have some therapy, but these attempts failed, so he decided to stay in his secluded mansion.
    It was about this time when he received a mysterious box with a coat and a note reading, "Start playing a new game". He discovered when he reached into the coat, he could pull out almost everything from the dementional portal in the coat. With this new lease on life, he attacks and kidnaps the St. Canard Mayor and later captures Honker and Gosalyn


    He was created by Ian Brill (writer) and James Silvani (artist). His name is also a play on the type of story he first appeared in: a one-shot.

    Major Arcs

    When he faces darkwing for the first time, One-shot easily defeats him. However, on their second meeting, Darkwing makes him very frustrated that he pulls out a very heavy nuke. Unable to hold it, he is squashed. Darkwing is able to save everyone by putting it back in the coat. Anthony is taken to the Quackwerks' Detention Home for the Criminally Crafty, but is not expected to play on their already legendary soft ball team.

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