One Piece: Water Seven #15

    One Piece: Water Seven » One Piece: Water Seven #15 - Buster Call released by Viz on March 2016.

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    Buster Call

    Luffy and his Straw Hat crew duke it out with CP9, a band of dastardly World Government goons headquartered on the island of Enies Lobby. CP9’s goal? Abducting Nico Robin, the Straw Hats’ newest crew member, in order to activate an ancient weapon called the Pluton. But when the enemy accidentally initiates a dreaded Buster Call military maneuver, the island and everyone on it is slated for complete annihilation!

    Containing Volumes 43, 44, and 45 of One Piece!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 410: Super-Size Nami
    • Chapter 411: Nami vs. Kalifa
    • Chapter 412: You Missed Your Chance
    • Chapter 413: Hunter
    • Chapter 414: Sanji vs. Jabra
    • Chapter 415: Heat Up
    • Chapter 416: Zolo vs. Kaku
    • Chapter 417: Asura
    • Chapter 418: Luffy vs. Rob Lucci
    • Chapter 419: Legend of a Hero
    • Chapter 420: Buster Call
    • Chapter 421: Gear Three
    • Chapter 422: Rob Lucci
    • Chapter 423: Mermaid Legend
    • Chapter 424: Escape Ship
    • Chapter 425: Bridge of Mortal Combat
    • Chapter 426: A Ship Waiting for Wind
    • Chapter 427: This Isn't the Afterlife
    • Chapter 428: Let's Go Back
    • Chapter 429: Utter Defeat
    • Chapter 430: A Light Snow of Reminiscence Falls
    • Chapter 431: Fist of Love
    • Chapter 432: Jack-in-the-Box
    • Chapter 433: The Name of That Sea
    • Chapter 434: Whitebeard and Red-Hair
    • Chapter 435: You Have My Sympathies
    • Chapter 436: Trunks from Franky House
    • Chapter 437: Naked Mania
    • Chapter 438: Pride
    • Chapter 439: Third and Seventh
    • Chapter 440: Fire Fist vs. Blackbeard


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    Story Arcs

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