One Piece: Water Seven #13

    One Piece: Water Seven » One Piece: Water Seven #13 - Runaway Train released by Viz on September 2015.

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    Runaway Train

    The CP9, a group of anti-pirate assassins on a quest for the superweapon called Pluton, has Luffy’s Straw Hat crew in its sights. In a high-stakes chase, the Straw Hats must survive an epic tidal wave and catch up to a hurtling sea train full of enemies to save their newest member, Nico Robin—along with mysterious shipbuilder Franky—from CP9 clutches. Will Luffy’s stubborn soul and seat-of-the-pants style cut it against a gang of heavily armed World Government goons?!

    Containing Volumes 37, 38, and 39 of One Piece!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 347: Six Powers
    • Chapter 348: Fighting Power
    • Chapter 349: Ordinary Citizens
    • Chapter 350: The Warehouse Under the Bridge
    • Chapter 351: Klabautermann
    • Chapter 352: Tom's Workers
    • Chapter 353: The Legendary Shipwright
    • Chapter 354: Sea Train
    • Chapter 355: Spandam
    • Chapter 356: Mr. Tom
    • Chapter 357: Cutty Flam
    • Chapter 358: Reactivation
    • Chapter 359: Bingo
    • Chapter 360: Departing Soon
    • Chapter 361: P.S.
    • Chapter 362: Ebb Tide
    • Chapter 363: Aqua Laguna
    • Chapter 364: Kokoro
    • Chapter 365: Rocketman!!
    • Chapter 366: Sortie!
    • Chapter 367: Sniper King
    • Chapter 368: Sea Train Battle Game
    • Chapter 369: Ramen Kung Fu
    • Chapter 370: You're Not Alone
    • Chapter 371: The Honorable Captain T-Bone
    • Chapter 372: Plastic Surgery
    • Chapter 373: Necessary Evil
    • Chapter 374: Scramble
    • Chapter 375: The Supermen of Enies Lobby
    • Chapter 376: I Got It!!
    • Chapter 377: The Big Showdown on the Judiciary Island

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