One Piece: Water Seven #12

    One Piece: Water Seven » One Piece: Water Seven #12 - Watery Justice released by Viz on June 2015.

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    Watery Justice

    In the salty city of Water Seven, Luffy and his Straw Hat crew are fighting for their lives—and for their beloved caravel, the Merry Go! To get the ship repaired, Luffy and friends must face the Foxy Pirates in a swashbuckling battle of skill called the Davy Back Fight. In the midst of all the action, the Straw Hats discover that their newest crew member, the mysterious Nico Robin, is being pursued by CP9—a powerful paramilitary group with a serious grudge against pirates!

    Containing Volumes 34, 35, and 36 of One Piece!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 317: K.O.
    • Chapter 318: Closure
    • Chapter 319: Admiral Aokiji of the Navy Headquarters
    • Chapter 320: Ultimate Military Force
    • Chapter 321: One-on-One
    • Chapter 322: Puffing Tom
    • Chapter 323: The City of Water, Water Seven
    • Chapter 324: Adventures in the City on the Water
    • Chapter 325: The Franky Family
    • Chapter 326: Mr. Iceberg
    • Chapter 327: Shipbuilding Island, Repair Dock No. 1
    • Chapter 328: The Pirate Abduction Incident
    • Chapter 329: My Name Is Franky
    • Chapter 330: It's Decided
    • Chapter 331: The Big Argument
    • Chapter 332: Luffy vs. Usopp
    • Chapter 333: Captain
    • Chapter 334: Big Trouble in the Secret Room
    • Chapter 335: Warning
    • Chapter 336: Luffy vs. Franky
    • Chapter 337: Protectors of the City of Water
    • Chapter 338: Coup de Vent
    • Chapter 339: Rumors
    • Chapter 340: The Woman Who Brings Darkness
    • Chapter 341: Demon
    • Chapter 342: The Messenger of Darkness
    • Chapter 343: Cipher Pol No. 9
    • Chapter 344: Opposing Force
    • Chapter 345: Sleepers
    • Chapter 346: The Ninth Justice

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