One Piece: Skypiea #9

    One Piece: Skypiea » One Piece: Skypiea #9 - Sky High released by Viz on June 2014.

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    Sky High

    Luffy and team must figure out a way to get their ship, the Merry Go, to sail up—the Straw Hat crew’s next destination is an island in the sky. It may seem like an island paradise, but the interesting characters they meet there are hardly heavenly. Soon Luffy and the Straw Hats are on the run…and it turns out they’re on the path to a city of gold!

    Containing Volumes 25, 26, and 27 of One Piece!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 227: Noland the Liar
    • Chapter 228: Mont Blanc Cricket, the Last Boss of the Monkey Mountain Allied Force
    • Chapter 229: Let's Eat
    • Chapter 230: Pursue the South Bird!
    • Chapter 231: Bellamy the Hyena
    • Chapter 232: The 100 Million Berry Man
    • Chapter 233: The World's Greatest Power
    • Chapter 234: Please Remember
    • Chapter 235: The Knock Up Stream
    • Chapter 236: The Ship Sails to the Sky
    • Chapter 237: High in the Sky
    • Chapter 238: Heaven's Gate
    • Chapter 239: Angel Beach
    • Chapter 240: Dial Power
    • Chapter 241: Heaven's Judgment
    • Chapter 242: Class-2 Criminals
    • Chapter 243: Trial
    • Chapter 244: S.O.S.
    • Chapter 245: Adventure on Kami's Island
    • Chapter 246: Satori, Vassal of the Forest of No Return
    • Chapter 247: Ball Challenge
    • Chapter 248: Former Kami vs. Vassal
    • Chapter 249: The Village Hidden in the Cloud
    • Chapter 250: Ball Dragon
    • Chapter 251: Overture
    • Chapter 252: Junction
    • Chapter 253: Varse
    • Chapter 254: Aubade
    • Chapter 255: The Anaconda and the Search Team

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