One Piece: Skypiea #11

    One Piece: Skypiea » One Piece: Skypiea #11 - Ring My Bell released by Viz on February 2015.

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    Ring My Bell

    The sky island of Skypiea is in danger of complete eradication if its maniacal leader Kami Eneru, has his way. Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew entered the territory seeking a city of gold, but once the team befriends some citizens and learns the local lore, their mission turns personal. In an extended clash, Luffy and Eneru duke it out—Luffy’s rubber limbs and indomitable spirit against the Kami’s insane arsenal of weapons, including the terrifying and mysterious Golden Bell!

    Containing Volumes 31, 32, and 33 of One Piece!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 286: The Shandoran Demon
    • Chapter 287: Kami Killing
    • Chapter 288: Curse
    • Chapter 289: Full Moon
    • Chapter 290: The Light of Shandora
    • Chapter 291: We'll Be Here
    • Chapter 292: To Meet, like the Half-Moon Hidden by Clouds
    • Chapter 293: Bolero
    • Chapter 294: Kingdom Come
    • Chapter 295: Giant Jack
    • Chapter 296: Ultimate Sky Situation
    • Chapter 297: Praise of the Earth
    • Chapter 298: Love Song
    • Chapter 299: Fantasia
    • Chapter 300: Symphony
    • Chapter 301: I Hereby Guide...
    • Chapter 302: Finale
    • Chapter 303: The Wealthy Pirate Gang
    • Chapter 304: Long Island Adventure
    • Chapter 305: Foxy the Silver Fox
    • Chapter 306: Donut Race!
    • Chapter 307: Ready, Set, Donut!
    • Chapter 308: Obstructive Tactics
    • Chapter 309: Groggy Monsters
    • Chapter 310: Groggy Ring!!
    • Chapter 311: Rough Game
    • Chapter 312: Goal!!
    • Chapter 313: Main Event
    • Chapter 314: Combat!!
    • Chapter 315: Secret Room
    • Chapter 316: Brother Soul

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