One Piece: New World #30

    One Piece: New World » One Piece: New World #30 - Sweet Revenge released by Viz on January 2020.

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    Sweet Revenge

    Big Mom, a fearsome and extremely hungry pirate warlord, bears down on Luffy and his crew in search of wedding cake and revenge. Luffy clashes with her sweet-toothed son Katakuri while the Straw hat crew battles to protect their ship and their lives.

    Containing Volumes 88, 89, and 90 of One Piece!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 880: Zero Escape
    • Chapter 881: Wave Room
    • Chapter 882: Beyond the Emperor's Expectations
    • Chapter 883: Merienda
    • Chapter 884: Who Is That?
    • Chapter 885: I'm Brulee!!!
    • Chapter 886: Way of Life
    • Chapter 887: Someone Somewhere Is Wishing for Your Happiness
    • Chapter 888: Lion
    • Chapter 889: Unfamiliar Mama
    • Chapter 890: Big Mom on the Ship
    • Chapter 891: They Believe in Me
    • Chapter 892: Threat Confirmed
    • Chapter 893: Flampe, 36th Daughter of Charlotte
    • Chapter 894: 12:05
    • Chapter 895: Luffy the Pirate vs. General Katakuri
    • Chapter 896: One Last Thing
    • Chapter 897: Pekoms's Cacao Island Escape Plan
    • Chapter 898: I Will Return
    • Chapter 899: The Final Fortress
    • Chapter 900: Bad End Musical
    • Chapter 901: Don't Let Even Death Stop You!!!
    • Chapter 902: End Roll
    • Chapter 903: Fifth Emperor
    • Chapter 904: Introducing the Revolutionary Army Captains
    • Chapter 905: What a Beautiful World
    • Chapter 906: Sacred Marijoa
    • Chapter 907: The Empty Throne
    • Chapter 908: The Reverie Begins
    • Chapter 909: Seppuku
    • Chapter 910: Onward to Wano

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