One Piece: New World #29

    One Piece: New World » One Piece: New World #29 - Big Mom, Big Trouble released by Viz on September 2019.

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    Big Mom, Big Trouble

    As Sanji is forced into a political marriage by the scheming Big Mom Pirates, Luffy and the Straw Hat crew must enter enemy territory to rescue him. The Straw Hats will need to work with allies they don’t truly trust if they hope to succeed. But first things first: how will they crash the biggest wedding in the pirate world?!

    Containing Volumes 85, 86, and 87 of One Piece!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 849: ChoBro in the Land of Mirrors
    • Chapter 850: A Ray of Light
    • Chapter 851: Dog-End
    • Chapter 852: Germa's Failure
    • Chapter 853: Not Here
    • Chapter 854: What Are You Doing?
    • Chapter 855: Glurrgle!!!
    • Chapter 856: Liar
    • Chapter 857: Rook
    • Chapter 858: Meeting
    • Chapter 859: Emperor Assassination Plan
    • Chapter 860: 10:00 Start
    • Chapter 861: The Actor
    • Chapter 862: The Thinker
    • Chapter 863: The Knight
    • Chapter 864: The Vinsmoke Massacre Plot
    • Chapter 865: Hey, Mother
    • Chapter 866: Natural Born Destroyer
    • Chapter 867: Happy Birthday
    • Chapter 868: KX Launcher
    • Chapter 869: Castling
    • Chapter 870: Parting
    • Chapter 871: You Can Do It, Caesar!!
    • Chapter 872: Thick and Fluffy
    • Chapter 873: Recipe for Disaster
    • Chapter 874: Be My Servant
    • Chapter 875: A Woman's Honor
    • Chapter 876: Pudding Coincidentally Appears!!
    • Chapter 877: Bittersweet
    • Chapter 878: Commander Pedro of the Mink Guardians
    • Chapter 879: Big Mom's Sweet 3 General, Katakuri


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    Story Arcs

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