One Piece: New World #27

    One Piece: New World » One Piece: New World #27 - Beast of Burden released by Viz on March 2019.

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    Beast of Burden

    As the clash with evil warlord Doflamingo intensifies and the fate of the island people of Dressrosa hangs in the balance, Luffy decides it’s time to switch gears! Then, when a beastly new enemy enters the scene, Luffy’s faithful compadres Sanji and Nami are separated from the gang. The Straw Hat crew must seek out their missing members in a bizarre animal kingdom!

    Containing Volumes 79, 80, and 81 of One Piece!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 786: Gyats
    • Chapter 787: Four Minutes Before
    • Chapter 788: My Battle
    • Chapter 789: Lucy!!
    • Chapter 790: Heaven and Earth
    • Chapter 791: Rubble
    • Chapter 792: On Hands and Knees
    • Chapter 793: Tiger and Dog
    • Chapter 794: Sabo's Adventure
    • Chapter 795: Suicide
    • Chapter 796: Soldier's Conviction
    • Chapter 797: Rebecca
    • Chapter 798: Heart
    • Chapter 799: Father and Sons
    • Chapter 800: Sons' Cups
    • Chapter 801: Opening Speech
    • Chapter 802: Zou
    • Chapter 803: Elephant Climbing
    • Chapter 804: Adventure in the Land Atop the Elephant's Back
    • Chapter 805: The Minks
    • Chapter 806: At Rightflank Fortress
    • Chapter 807: Ten Days Earlier
    • Chapter 808: Duke Dogstorm
    • Chapter 809: The Cat Viper
    • Chapter 810: The Twirly Hat Crew Arrives
    • Chapter 811: ROKO
    • Chapter 812: Capone "Gang" Bege
    • Chapter 813: Tea Party Invitation
    • Chapter 814: Let's Go See the Cat Viper
    • Chapter 815: Take Me With You!!
    • Chapter 816: Dog vs. Cat

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