One Piece: New World #26

    One Piece: New World » One Piece: New World #26 - Heart of Evil released by Viz on December 2018.

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    Heart of Evil

    The dastardly Doflamingo family’s grip on the nation of Dressrosa tightens in a bloody battle for the heart and soul of the New World nation. When Trafalgar Law, a “Surgeon of Death” with Devil Fruit powers, allies with rubber-limbed Luffy, bizarre new battle powers emerge!

    Containing Volumes 76, 77, and 78 of One Piece!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 753: Battle
    • Chapter 754: Making Acquaintance
    • Chapter 755: A Man's World
    • Chapter 756: The Fourth Step
    • Chapter 757: Trump Card
    • Chapter 758: Just Keep Going
    • Chapter 759: Secret Plan
    • Chapter 760: The Same Bet
    • Chapter 761: The Op-Op Fruit
    • Chapter 762: The White Town
    • Chapter 763: Declaration of Humanity
    • Chapter 764: White Monster
    • Chapter 765: Minion, the Isle of Fate
    • Chapter 766: Smile
    • Chapter 767: Cora
    • Chapter 768: The Trigger That Day
    • Chapter 769: Bellamy the Pirate
    • Chapter 770: The Spear of Elbaph
    • Chapter 771: Sai, Don of the Happosui Army
    • Chapter 772: Cabbage and Lomeo
    • Chapter 773: Half 'n Half
    • Chapter 774: Leo, Captain of the Tontatta Warriors
    • Chapter 775: To Russian With Love
    • Chapter 776: Hero of the Coliseum
    • Chapter 777: Zolo vs. Pica
    • Chapter 778: Tactics No. 5
    • Chapter 779: His Final Battle
    • Chapter 780: The Heart Curse
    • Chapter 781: Desire
    • Chapter 782: Champion of Evil
    • Chapter 783: In My Way
    • Chapter 784: Gear Four
    • Chapter 785: On Broken Legs

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