One Piece: New World #23

    One Piece: New World » One Piece: New World #23 - Punked released by Viz on March 2018.

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    Now that they’ve reached the New World, the Straw Hat pirates encounter things they’ve never seen before—dragons, deranged detached limbs, and the deadly island geography of Punk Hazard! When Luffy and his friends come up against the bizarre scientific antics of Dr. Vegapunk and his acolytes, the Devil Fruit action’s really a gas!

    Containing Volumes 67, 68, and 69 of One Piece!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 657: Severed Head
    • Chapter 658: The Biscuits Room
    • Chapter 659: About My Torso
    • Chapter 660: Trafalgar Law, Warlord of the Sea
    • Chapter 661: Lakeside Bandits
    • Chapter 662: Warlord Law vs. Vice Admiral Smoker
    • Chapter 663: CC
    • Chapter 664: Master Caesar Clown
    • Chapter 665: Candy
    • Chapter 666: Yeti Cool Brothers
    • Chapter 667: Cool Fight
    • Chapter 668: Pirate Alliance
    • Chapter 669: Commence Operation
    • Chapter 670: Blizzard with a Chance of Slime
    • Chapter 671: Gas-Gas Fruit
    • Chapter 672: My Name is Kin'emon!!
    • Chapter 673: Vergo and Joker
    • Chapter 674: The Observers
    • Chapter 675: I Call It Land of the Dead
    • Chapter 676: The Perfect Weapon of Mass Murder
    • Chapter 677: Counter Hazard!!
    • Chapter 678: Lobby of Laboratory Building A
    • Chapter 679: The G-5 Spirit
    • Chapter 680: G-5 Commander Vergo the Bamboo Demon
    • Chapter 681: Luffy vs. Master
    • Chapter 682: Puppet Master
    • Chapter 683: An Icy Woman
    • Chapter 684: Don't Do It, Vegapunk
    • Chapter 685: My Name Is Momonosuke
    • Chapter 686: The Snow-Woman in the Biscuits Room
    • Chapter 687: Wild Beast
    • Chapter 688: Mocha
    • Chapter 689: The Island That's There but Isn't There
    • Chapter 690: S.A.D.

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