One Piece: East Blue #3

    One Piece: East Blue » One Piece: East Blue #3 - Chef's Special: The Kick of the Day released by Viz on March 2, 2010.

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    Chef's Special: The Kick of the Day

    The Straw Hat crew makes a pit stop at the oceangoing restaurant the Baratie, where the cooks are as rough-and-tumble as the pirates who frequent it. Don Krieg, a notorious pirate whose ship was battered in the treacherous seas of the Grand Line, has set his sights on the Baratie, but sous-chef Sanji isn't going to stand idly by while these ruthless pirates take the ship by force!

    Containing Volumes 7, 8 and 9 of One Piece!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 54: Pearl
    • Chapter 55: Jungle Blood
    • Chapter 56: I Refuse
    • Chapter 57: If You Have a Dream
    • Chapter 58: Crap-Geezer
    • Chapter 59: Sanji's Debt
    • Chapter 60: Resolution
    • Chapter 61: The Demon
    • Chapter 62: MH5
    • Chapter 63: I Won't Die
    • Chapter 64: The Mighty Battle Spear
    • Chapter 65: Prepared
    • Chapter 66: The Chewed-up Spear
    • Chapter 67: The Soup
    • Chapter 68: The Fourth Person
    • Chapter 69: Arlong Park
    • Chapter 70: The Great Adventure of Usopp the Man
    • Chapter 71: Lords of All Creation
    • Chapter 72: Proper Living
    • Chapter 73: Monsters of the Grand Line
    • Chapter 74: Business
    • Chapter 75: Of Maps and Fish-Men
    • Chapter 76: Sleep
    • Chapter 77: The First Step Toward a Dream
    • Chapter 78: Belle-Mère
    • Chapter 79: To Live
    • Chapter 80: A Thief Is a Thief
    • Chapter 81: Tears

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