One Piece: Baroque Works #8

    One Piece: Baroque Works » One Piece: Baroque Works #8 - Royal Farewell released by Viz on January 2014.

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    Royal Farewell

    Luffy’s epic clash with Baroque Works pirate captain Crocodile continues, while deposed princess Vivi and the rest of the Straw Hat crew race against time to save the ancient kingdom of Alabasta. Just when it seems smooth sailing is ahead, Luffy and crew discover an interloper among their ranks! Who is this former Baroque Works member, and what does she want from the Straw Hats?

    Containing Volumes 22, 23, and 24 of One Piece!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 196: 1
    • Chapter 197: The Leaders
    • Chapter 198: 4:15 P.M.
    • Chapter 199: Hope!!
    • Chapter 200: Water Luffy
    • Chapter 201: Nico Robin
    • Chapter 202: The Royal Mausoleum
    • Chapter 203: Crocodile-ish
    • Chapter 204: Red
    • Chapter 205: The Sand-Sand Band's Secret Fort
    • Chapter 206: Ignition
    • Chapter 207: Nightmare
    • Chapter 208: Guardian Spirit
    • Chapter 209: I Will Defeat You
    • Chapter 210: Zero
    • Chapter 211: King
    • Chapter 212: Some Justice
    • Chapter 213: V.I.P.
    • Chapter 214: Strategy to Escape the Sand Kingdom
    • Chapter 215: Last Waltz
    • Chapter 216: Vivi's Adventure
    • Chapter 217: Stowaway
    • Chapter 218: Why the Log Pose Is Dome-Shaped
    • Chapter 219: Masira the Salvage King
    • Chapter 220: A Walk on the Seafloor
    • Chapter 221: Monsters
    • Chapter 222: The Giant Novice
    • Chapter 223: I Promise Never to Fight in This Town
    • Chapter 224: Do Not Dream
    • Chapter 225: People's Dreams
    • Chapter 226: Shoujou, the Salvage King of the Seafloor

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