One Piece: Baroque Works #5

    One Piece: Baroque Works » One Piece: Baroque Works #5 - Island of Giants released by Viz on February 2013.

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    Island of Giants

    In their attempt to rescue a possibly nefarious princess from the numerically named Baroque Works crew, Luffy and gang land on a set of islands populated by oversized flora and fauna. It's the scene of a larger-than-life battle in which giants, pirates, dinosaurs and strange birds duke it out in the name of honor, friendship and dynamite-spiked beverages. In all the excitement, navigator Nami falls terribly ill. Is there a (witch) doctor in the house?

    Containing Volumes 13, 14, and 15 of One Piece!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 109: A Question of Duty
    • Chapter 110: The Night Isn't Over
    • Chapter 111: The Secret Criminal Organization
    • Chapter 112: Luffy vs. Zolo
    • Chapter 113: It's All Right
    • Chapter 114: The Course
    • Chapter 115: Little Garden of Adventure
    • Chapter 116: Big
    • Chapter 117: Dorry and Broggy
    • Chapter 118: Someone's Out There
    • Chapter 119: Deadly Improvisation
    • Chapter 120: The Red Ogre Weeps
    • Chapter 121: I Knew
    • Chapter 122: A Dead Body Is Useless
    • Chapter 123: Luffy vs. Mr. 3
    • Chapter 124: The Tea is Good
    • Chapter 125: Candle Champion
    • Chapter 126: Instinct
    • Chapter 127: Snail-o-phone
    • Chapter 128: Pirate Pride
    • Chapter 129: Straight Ahead!!!
    • Chapter 130: Maximum Speed
    • Chapter 131: Wapol of Tin
    • Chapter 132: See?
    • Chapter 133: Adventure in a Nameless Country
    • Chapter 134: Dr. Kureha
    • Chapter 135: Lapins
    • Chapter 136: A Man Named Dalton

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