One Piece #96

    One Piece » One Piece #96 - Niete Nanbo no Oden ni Sōrō released by Shueisha on April 8, 2020.

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    Proper Japanese Title: 煮えてなんぼのおでんに候 (Niete Nanbo no Oden ni Sōrō)

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 965: The Kurozumi Family's Plot (黒炭家の陰謀 Kurozumi-ke no Inbō)
    • Chapter 966: Roger and Whitebeard (ロジャーと白ひげ Rojā to Shirohige)
    • Chapter 967: Roger's Adventure (ロジャーの冒険 Rojā no Bōken)
    • Chapter 968: Oden's Return (おでんの帰還 Oden no Kikan)
    • Chapter 969: Fool of a Lord (バカ殿 Baka-tono)
    • Chapter 970: Oden vs. Kaido (おでんvsカイドウ Oden Bāsasu Kaidō)
    • Chapter 971: Sentenced to Boil (釜茹での刑 Kamayude no Kei)
    • Chapter 972: I Am Oden, And I Was Born To Boil (煮えてなんぼのおでんに候 Niete Nanbo no Oden ni Sōrō)
    • Chapter 973: The Kozuki Clan (光月の一族 Kōzuki no Ichizoku)
    • Chapter 974: Onward to Onigashima!! (いざ、鬼ヶ島!! Iza, Onigashima!!)

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