One Piece #95

    One Piece » One Piece #95 - Oden no Bōken released by Shueisha on December 31, 2019.

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    Proper Japanese Title: おでんの冒険 (Oden no Bōken)

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 954: Like Giving Wings to a Dragon (龍に翼を得たる如し Ryū ni Tsubasa o Etaru Gotoshi)
    • Chapter 955: Enma (閻魔 Enma)
    • Chapter 956: Big News (ビッグニュース Biggu Nyūsu)
    • Chapter 957: Ultimate (ULTIMATEアルティメット Arutimetto)
    • Chapter 958: The Promised Port (約束の港 Yakusoku no Minato)
    • Chapter 959: Samurai (侍 Samurai)
    • Chapter 960: Introducing Kozuki Oden (光月おでん登場 Kōzuki Oden Tōjō)
    • Chapter 961: The Mountain God Incident (山の神事件 Yama no Kami Jiken)
    • Chapter 962: Daimyo and Retainers (大名と家臣 Daimyō to Kashin)
    • Chapter 963: Becoming Samurai (侍になる Samurai ni Naru)
    • Chapter 964: Oden's Adventure (おでんの冒険 Oden no Bōken)

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