One Piece #91

    One Piece » One Piece #91 - Samurai no Kuni no Bōken released by Shueisha on December 9, 2018.

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    Proper Japanese Title: 侍の国の冒険 (Samurai no Kuni no Bōken)

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 911: Adventure in the Land of Samurai (侍の国の冒険 Samurai no Kuni no Bōken)
    • Chapter 912: Amigasa Village (編笠村 Amigasa-mura)
    • Chapter 913: Tsuru Returns the Favor (鶴の恩返し Tsuru no Ongaeshi)
    • Chapter 914: Okobore Town (おこぼれ町 Okobore-chō)
    • Chapter 915: Bakura Town (博羅町 Bakura-chō)
    • Chapter 916: Wano Country Grand Sumo Tournament (ワノ国大相撲 Wano Kuni Ōzumō)
    • Chapter 917: The Treasure Ship of Provisions (食糧宝船 Shokuryō Takarabune)
    • Chapter 918: Luffy-tarou Returns the Favor (ルフィ太郎の恩返し Rufitarō no Ongaeshi)
    • Chapter 919: The Ruins of Oden Castle (おでん城跡 Oden-jō Ato)
    • Chapter 920: I Love Oden (おでんが好き Oden ga Suki)
    • Chapter 921: Shutenmaru (酒天丸 Shutenmaru)

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