One Piece #89

    One Piece » One Piece #89 - Bad End Musical released by Shueisha on June 9, 2018.

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    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 890: Big Mom on the Ship (船の上のビッグ・マム Fune no Ue no Biggu Mamu)
    • Chapter 891: Believing in Me (信じられてる Shinjirareteru)
    • Chapter 892: Recognized as Strong Opponents (強敵認定 Kyōteki Nintei)
    • Chapter 893: 36th Daughter of the Charlotte Family - Flampe (C (シャーロット) 家36女フランペ Shārotto-ke Sanjūroku-jo Furanpe)
    • Chapter 894: 12:05 (0時5分 Rei-ji Go-fun)
    • Chapter 895: Pirate Luffy vs. Commander Katakuri (海賊ルフィVS将星カタクリ Kaizoku Rufi Bāsasu Shōsei Katakuri)
    • Chapter 896: The Last Request (最後のお願い Saigo no Onegai)
    • Chapter 897: Pekoms's Cacao Island Escape Plan (ペコムズのカカオ島脱出作戦 Pekomuzu no Kakao-tō Dasshutsu Sakusen)
    • Chapter 898: We'll Definitely Return (必ず戻る Kanarazu Modoru)
    • Chapter 899: The Last Stand (最後の砦 Saigo no Toride)
    • Chapter 900: Bad End Musical (BADEND MUSICAL Baddoendo Myūjikaru)

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