One Piece #87

    One Piece » One Piece #87 - Amakunai released by Shueisha on November 7, 2017.

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    Proper Japanese Title: 甘くない

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 870: Parting (訣別 Ketsubetsu)
    • Chapter 871: You Can Do It, Caesar!! (がんばれシーザー!! Ganbare Shīzā!!)
    • Chapter 872: Thick and Fluffy (とろふわ Torofuwa)
    • Chapter 873: Trapped Like Sweets in a Cage (八方塞菓子 Happō Fusa-gashi)
    • Chapter 874: Become My Servant (私のしもべになりなさい Watashi no Shimobe ni Narinasai)
    • Chapter 875: A Woman's Honor (女の仁義 Onna no Jingi)
    • Chapter 876: Pudding Coincidentally Appears!! (プリン、偶然現る!! Purin, Gūzen Arawaru!!)
    • Chapter 877: Not Sweet (甘くない Amakunai)
    • Chapter 878: Mink Tribe, Guardians Captain Pedro (ミンク族 侠客団(ガーディアンズ) 団長ペドロ Minku-zoku Gādianzu Danchō Pedoro)
    • Chapter 879: One of Big Mom's "3 Sweet Commanders", Katakuri (ビッグ・マム「スイート3将星」 カタクリ Biggu Mamu "Suīto San Shōsei" Katakuri)

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