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Proper Japanese Title: ざわつく世界

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 817: Raizo of the Mist (霧の雷ぞう Kiri no Raizō)
  • Chapter 818: Inside the Whale (くじらの中で Kujira no Naka de)
  • Chapter 819: Momonosuke, Heir of the Kozuki Family (光月家跡取り・モモの助 Kōzuki-ke Atotori Momonosuke)
  • Chapter 820: Dog and Cat Have a History (犬と猫に歴史あり Inu to Neko ni Rekishi Ari)
  • Chapter 821: Understood (承知した Shōchi shita)
  • Chapter 822: Descending the Elephant (下象 Gezō)
  • Chapter 823: A World Abuzz (ざわつく世界 Zawatsuku Sekai)
  • Chapter 824: Little Pirate Games (海賊ごっこ Kaizoku Gokko)
  • Chapter 825: The WEJ's Comic Strip (世経の絵物語 Sekei no Emonogatari)
  • Chapter 826: 0 and 4 (0と4 Rei to Yon)
  • Chapter 827: Totland (トットランド Tottorando)


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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