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Proper Japanese Title: Shinanē yo (死なねェよ)

If Luffy wants to get out of a year's worth of chore-boy duty on the ocean-going restaurant Baratie, he's got to rid the seas of the evil Don Krieg. Unfortunately, Krieg's armed to the teeth and aided by his Demon Man Commander Gin. The battle takes a surprising turn as Krieg reveals his increasingly deadly military might!

Meanwhile, Nami has sailed off on the Merry Go with treasure in tow, and she's headed to Arlong Park, home of creepy Captain Arlong and his Fish-Man Pirates. What business does Nami have at Arlong Park, anyway? Something fishy is going on, and Luffy's crew just may be in over their heads.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 63 - I Won't Die (死なねェよ "Shinanē yo")
  • Chapter 64 - The Mighty Battle Spear (大戦槍 "Daisensō")
  • Chapter 65 - Prepared (覚悟 "Kakugo")
  • Chapter 66 - The Chewed-up Spear (噛み殺した槍 "Kamikoroshita Yari")
  • Chapter 67 - The Soup (Soup)
  • Chapter 68 - The Fourth Person (4人目 "Yonninme")
  • Chapter 69 - Arlong Park (アーロンパーク "Āron Pāku")
  • Chapter 70 - The Great Adventure of Usopp the Man (男ウソップ大冒険 "Otoko Usoppu Daibōken")
  • Chapter 71 - Lords of All Creation (万物の霊長 "Banbutsu no Reichō")

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