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Proper Japanese Title: 悪のカリスマ

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 776: Hero of the Colosseum (コロシアムの英雄 Koroshiamu no Eiyū)
  • Chapter 777: Zoro vs. Pica (ゾロVSピーカ Zoro Bāsasu Pīka)
  • Chapter 778: Tactics No. 5 (TACTICS No.5 Takutikusu Nanbā Faibu)
  • Chapter 779: The Last Fight (最期のケンカ Saigo no Kenka)
  • Chapter 780: The Curse of Heart (ハートの呪縛 Hāto no Jubaku)
  • Chapter 781: Long-Cherished Desire (本懐 Honkai)
  • Chapter 782: The Charisma of Evil (悪のカリスマ Aku no Karisuma)
  • Chapter 783: In My Way (邪魔だ Jama da)
  • Chapter 784: Gear Fourth (ギア4(フォース) Gia Fōsu)
  • Chapter 785: Even If Your Legs Break (足が折れても Ashi ga Oretemo)

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