One Piece #74

    One Piece » One Piece #74 - Ever At Your Side released by Viz on April 2015.

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    Ever at Your Side

    Operation S.O.P. is in full effect! Usopp and the others search for a way to undo the magic that has turned so many of the people of Dressrosa into toys. Meanwhile, Luffy heads toward the palace with the goal of taking down the source of all the trouble, Doflamingo!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 732: The Underground World
    • Chapter 733: What the Soldier Wants
    • Chapter 734: The Slicing Winds of Rommel
    • Chapter 735: Fujitora's Plan
    • Chapter 736: Supreme Officer Diamante
    • Chapter 737: Officer's Tower
    • Chapter 738: Trebol Army, Special Officer Sugar
    • Chapter 739: Captain
    • Chapter 740: It's In Your Hands!!!
    • Chapter 741: Usoland the Liar
    • Chapter 742: Ever at Your Side

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