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Proper Japanese Title: ドフラミンゴ現る (Dofuramingo Arawari)

Chapter Titles

  • Ch. 691. The King of the Land of Death (死の国の王, Shi no Kuni no Ō)
  • Ch. 692. The Assassins from Dressrosa (ドレスローザから来た刺客, Doresurōza kara Kita Shikaku)
  • Ch. 693. Die for Me (死んでくれ, Shinde kure)
  • Ch. 694. The Most Dangerous Man (最も危険な男, Mottomo Kiken na Otoko)
  • Ch. 695. Leave It to Me!!! (任せろ!!!, Makasero!!!)
  • Ch. 696. Community of Interests (利害の一致, Rigai no Itchi)
  • Ch. 697. Deal (取り引き, Torihiki)
  • Ch. 698. Doflamingo Appears (ドフラミンゴ現る, Dofuramingo Arawari)
  • Ch. 699. Morning Paper (朝刊, Chōkan)
  • Ch. 700. His Own Pace (奴のペース, Yatsu no Pēsu)

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